Communications technology of wind power tower concrete mould project


Recently, Chinas first 120-meter concrete wind power tower was successfully built in Xinjiang Hami, which was made by Tongli Science and Technology Wind Turbine Mold.

 Segment molds are widely used in metro urban transport and coal mines, water conservancy and hydropower, urban power and energy transmission and other fields.

The concrete wind turbine tower mold, but die manufacturing industry crown on the pearl!

 Communication technology as a leader in the domestic high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the first to develop a concrete wind turbine tower mold, the first set of products for the country.

Wind power tower that is the wind power tower, in the wind turbine play a supporting role.

 When the wind power tower is higher than 100 meters, compared with the steel tower, concrete tower with a strong stability, light weight, high corrosion resistance, low cost advantages.

"Tongtian technology production of the tower die a total of 6 sets, for the construction of more than 117 meters high concrete tower.

The successful production of the concrete mold of wind power concrete wind power tower for the domestic wind power industry to provide a new tower manufacturing solutions, but also to promote the development of the industry.

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