Talent Concept

Talent Strategy:
To introduce the first-class talent with first-class treatment; To create the first-class profit with first-class management; To support the first-class treatment with first-class profit.
Concept of Talent Management:
Attracting, developing and retaining skilled employees to preserve a world-class workforce which is inspired, skilled and global orientated.
Factors Contributing to Fast Development at Tolian:
We recognize the importance of conserving a diverse and high quality workforce. Today, Tianye Tolian staffs are consisting of experienced professional salesman, highly trained engineers, high-caliber R&D personnel and world class management team with international background and overseas work experience. More than 30% of Tolian employees are university graduates or graduated from institute of higher education with professional accreditations. That is why we are committed to investing in their development and provide all staffs with equal opportunities and top-quality working conditions. We strive to recruit the best staff we can and equip with them to deal with the global business of opportunities and risks.

We promise:How big is your heart, how big is your stage in Tolian.  Here is your ideal place to fly, we wait for you to join us

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