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Tolian 900 tons combination set comprising a Launching Gantry, a Straddle Carrier and a Transporter paves the way for the new national standard of China railway infrastructure development and widely used in elevated railway lines cover most major cities in China such as Ha-da Line, Jing-hu Line, Jing-jin Line, Jing-shi Line, Wen-fu Line, Shi-tai Line, Zheng-xi Line, Wu-guang Line, Zhang-hu Line and Yong-tai-wen Line.Tolian 75m segmental launching gantry, LG900  segmental launching gantry, 400t/75m gantry crane, 900t overhead crane, 1100t bridge erection crane, 2650t MSS and 1100t deck derrick crane are widely used in Sutong Bridge, Beijing Sifeng Bridge, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company, Nantong, Wuhan Shishou Bridge, Huangpu Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Pingtan Cross-sea Bridge. LG600 Segmental Launching Gantry used in the first light rail project of Indonesia, LG700 Segmental Launching Gantry USED IN Motorway project of Bangkok in Thailand; The world’s largest Full Span Launching Gantry system of Safe Work Load of 1,700 tons for the Kuwait-Doha causeway project.

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