• The tunnel rescue crane was used in Shuohuang Railway emergency exercise
  • 300t Deck Derrick Crane used in the construction of the Jinsha River Bridge
  • 1500t Gantry Crane used in offshore wind power project
  • The first set of TP70 without pre-embedded be used in Wuxi light railway
  • Succesfully developed the super large pre-cast segment mould
  • Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress
  • Second Prize of industry-university- research cooperation
  • The span by span LG with incorporate technology of piling and beam erection passed design view
  • The 1st set of LG and TP for underground pipeline segment used in Xiong'An
  • Developed 40m/1000t Launching Gantry, Transporter and Straddle Carrier
  • TPZ80 span by span LG used in Jingtang Railway cross Chaobai New River Bridge.
  • 2 sets of drum reclaimer delivered.
  • First set of Span by Span LG for segments and piers.
  • Three sets of new industrial designed Slag Pot Carrier exported to Korea.
  • Full span steel girder LG with Asia's largest span used in Mengzhou Yellow River bridge.
  • Developed heavy load AGV and automatically track orbit transporter.
  • Deck Derrick Crane used in the world’s highest bridge tower of Pingtang Grand Bridge.
  • 2 sets of 600t Span by Span Launching Gantry for Indonesia.
  • China’s first set of 2400t rubber tyred Straddle Carrier
  • China’s first set of cast-in-place span by span launching gantry.
  • 6 sets of Span by Span Launching Gantry for Motor Route No.6 of Thailand.
  • China’s largest bridge erection Crane(1100t)
  • China’s first set of single-cell underground pipeline Segment Mould and Rectangular Mould
  • 600t Cable Erection Crane used in Humen No.2 Bridge
  • The first set of mould system of precast concrete tower segments for wind turbine in China
  • The first set of two span synchronization span by span Launching Gantry in China
  • The world’s largest Full Span Launching Gantry system of 1700t for Kuwait Doha Link
  • Developed the first Utility Tunnel Segment Mould System in China.
  • 16 sets of long-wheelbase hydraulic trailer to China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
  • The first contract of DSUC double shield TBM
  • Succesfully developed the first set of super lower TP in the world
  • Successfully delivered China’s first small curve Launching Gantry to Korea.
  • Succesfully developed the first set of LG and TP which can be used in and outside the tunnel
  • The first set of double shield TBM exported to Ecuador
  • The lower platform Special Transporter won the third prize of HB Science and Technology Progress
  • Developed the Earth Pressure Balanced Shield Machine with the largest diameter in China
  • The first set of TBM in China exported to Ethiopia
  • Won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress
  • Listed in SZSE as the 1st public company in the team of Bridge equipment manufacturer
  • Tolian Tianjin branch started the business of TBM leasing
  • TLJ900t and TLC900t won the third prize of HB Science and Technology Progress
  • Awarded as innovative method application pilot demonstration enterprises
  • Awarded as the National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprise
  • Developed the largest Overhead Crane in China
  • The first set of off highway dump truck TTM100 and TTM50
  • Award from china railway society for science and technology progress
  • 6 sets of Goliath Gantry Cranes for Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company .
  • Awarded as a national "high-tech Enterprise"
  • Finished the first set of off highway dump truck and aerial work platform
  • Award of Science and Technology Innovation from CACEM
  • 2 sets of Span by Span Launching Gantry with the largest span of Asia used in Sutong Bridge.
  • Established Beijing R&D center and Shanghai R&D center
  • The first set of TLJ900 was put in use
  • The first set of Straddle Carrier 900t was put in use
  • Succesfully developed the first set of 900t FSLM for railway bridge construction in China
  • Successfully manufactured the first set of TLC900
  • Movable Scaffolding System with the world’s largest span used in Huangpu Bridge
  • The first set of Upward Span by Span LG in Asia for small radius curve used in Sifeng Bridge
  • The Largest LG for road bridge used in Hancheng Highway Zhichuan Bridge
  • Products exported to Singapore,Nigeria,Sri Lanka
  • The largest LG in China used in Yuanpu Bridge
  • LG with double guiding beam and gantry type LG exported to Saudi Arabia
  • Sucessful developed the Launching Gantry SDLc160t/50m for city light railway
  • Beidaihe Tolian Road & Bridge Machinery Co., was founded